image+nation is:

  • a unifying event where we can share our stories
  • a year-round presence through our partnerships with Montreal institutions and online broadcasting of different cultural LGBTQ voices emphasizing accessibility and sharing of LGBTQ stories
  • a networking hub that contributes to the production of stories of our making in collaboration with respected institutions and professionals through our international I+N ProLab series
  • an engine of change whose goal is to make our stories accessible for all to discover and share

A partnership with image+nation is a contribution to the creation of a society where our lives and our stories are circulated and celebrated every day, rather than the exception. 

image+nation offers many types of opportunities for sponsors to participate in our mandate of bringing New Queer Stories to local and international audiences: 

  • Corporate sponsorship in cash or services 
  • Corporate donations
  • Community partnerships 
  • Film sponsorships (FILM+) create a movie night for your employees!
  • Advertising 

And more tailor made options we would be glad to discuss with you to make your brand shine at image+nation.

Please contact us: charlie@image-nation.org for more information on how we can work together on the future of image+nation.